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AirMax – Extraoral
Aerosol Suction System

Lower The Risk of Infections 


See it in action!


1600w of Power


USA Made Motor


Medical-Grade H14 HEPA Filter

Stops 99.99% of Virus and Germs –
Covid-19 is only one of the hundreds of aerosol transmissible disease/pathogens that pose a danger and some can survive on surfaces for weeks!



Particles enter the Clear see-through suction hood and are sent through a noise dampening tube, then absorbed in the primary filter. Smaller particles that may pass through are exposed to UV light to eradicate them. The air is then passed through a HEPA14 filter to catch anything before the 99.9% cleaned air is exhausted from the unit.


Reduce Risk

H14 HEPA filters up to 99.99% efficiency.

Designed to efficiently absorb large amounts of aerosol generated during treatment, providing a safer working environment for dentists, assistants and patients.

Flexible Arm

Articulated rotating arm for easy positioning.
(360° Rotation 


Dual Purposes

The AirMax can also be placed in a room and run at low speed for ten minutes to clean the air of any particles, bacteria, and viruses that may be floating in the air.

Powerful USA Manufactured Motor

The Airmax incorporates a Powerfull USA made 1600 Watt suction motor with 10 speeds. The lower speeds are the eqaulivalnt of other units highest volumes.

Multi Stage Filter

(Medical Grade H14 HEPA Filter)
4 layer multi-stage filter and sterilization system:

Water vapor separation, primary filtration, UV light elimination (ozone sterilization), H14 HEPA filter, which is a final scrub before the stream of air exits as 99.9% clean air.


1st Filtering: Primary Filter

Superfine electrostatic filter breaks up water mist into smaller particles to be absorbed by the Fine filter.

2nd & 3rd Filtering Process

As the air enters the fine filter, most all moisture is trapped, along with larger particles. The air then passes through the UV chamber for additional disinfection of Bacteria and Viruses.


4th Filtering H14 HEPA Filter

Triple filtration defense, H14 HEPA filter element can isolate 0.01 micron particulate matter, effectively isolating most virus, and bacteria, as well as airborne polution such as smoke, polen, etc.


Noise Isolation Technology

The Airmax produces noise levels between 62db -70dB, which is equalivalent to the average interior noise in cars, which ensures good communication between dentists, staff, and patients.

Technical Specifications




The AirMax Extraoral Aerosol Suction System:

Aerosol Suction System (Partially Assembled- install the wheels and suction arm) and user manual.


Item# P05-101

Motor Power1600w

Suction Power: 32KPA

Noise: 62db – 70db

Dimensions: 275 x 275 x 980mm

Weight: 33KG







Warranty = 1-Yr Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty

Remote Support = Free Lifetime Support


Aerosol Suction

Stops 99.99% of Virus and Germs

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