30-ft range
No modifications to sensors
UL/FCC approved
All-day battery life
No software to install
Easily use a sensor across rooms
Supports most sensor brands

Air2Zed –
Wireless X-Ray Solution

Transform your sensor today!


See it in action!


Works With Most Sensors.


1 Year Warranty.

A sleekly designed wireless X-ray solution to keep your office safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

A truly wireless imaging solution is here!

Works with most imaging softwares Click Here


The Air2Zed system makes your existing X-ray sensors wireless. This plug-and-play solution expands the possibilities of your imaging workflow while requiring no modifications to your current sensors or software.



Makes your imaging workflow wireless, efficient, and clutter-free.



Use a single sensor across multiple rooms.



Designed to scale with your growing practice.

Smarter Dentistry

Say goodbye to tangled wires, expensive damage, marks on your floor, lack of mobility, patient discomfort, and overall office inefficiency.


Step 1

Connect a Zed(receiver) to a workstation.

Step 2

Connect your X-ray sensor to the portable transmitter.

Step 3

Click the corresponding button to pair with the room of your choice.

3 Simple Steps

Make your existing X-rays wireless with Air2Zed in 3 simple steps.
There is no additional software to install and no modifications required to your sensors. It truly is a plug and play system.


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Wireless X-Ray Solution

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